Rx Range Day 22.2

Community The gun world is substantial.  It stretches across every country in some way, shape, or form, and encompasses millions of gun owners.  Within that there are multiple communities, and even smaller communities within them made up of individuals. Oftentimes we go out into the gun world alone, sometimes bumping into those smaller communities of […]

MKE 9mm

MKE is a Turkish company that manufactures ammunition.  I won’t get into the history of the company or their process, and will focus more on my actual experience using their ammo, specifically their 9mm 124 gr. First, some disclosures… The MKE 9mm I’ve used was provided by Steel City Ammo (SCA) for testing purposes.  SCA […]

Weapon Mounted Lights

“Lowlight” The world is dark for at least half the day outside, and not every room will be brightly lit when you’re inside.  This is just the nature of the world: it will get dark at some point. Nighttime, dark, lowlight, etc.  The common theme is that it’s dark, and visibility is minimized because of […]

My Stance on Politics – Jon

Politics I despise politics. I cannot begin to describe how much I despise them, and the discussion of individual politics. Especially in this era. Especially online. My Personal Stance There is little nuance involved. There is little debate involved. It frequently turns into a polarized shouting match with one side claiming the other is evil […]