I despise politics.

I cannot begin to describe how much I despise them, and the discussion of individual politics.

Especially in this era.

Especially online.

My Personal Stance

There is little nuance involved.

There is little debate involved.

It frequently turns into a polarized shouting match with one side claiming the other is evil incarnate.

Quite honestly, my political stances and leanings are no one else’s business.

They are my opinions, based on my current outlooks, shaped by my experiences.

They are unique to myself, and while I may share some of those opinions with others, will be unlikely to perfectly match others.

They are my own, and they are my own business.

This Blog

This is a firearms blog, first and foremost.

I have free reign to post about cool guns, the ammunition I’ve gotten to use, cool gear that I get my hands on, drills that I’ve been running, classes I attend, and events I go to.

This is not, and never will be, a political blog.

The closes it will ever get to that is mentioning proposed firearms laws and some philosophy that the Founding Fathers had regarding the Bill of Rights. Others may or may not add their own posts.

I do not control the content of those posts. But I will not inject politics into mine.

Social media has enough of that floating around, and frankly, I have zero intention of adding to it.


So, all that being said, I you join me while I do my thing.

I hope that you find the posts useful or entertaining.

And I hope to see even more of you in the future.

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