.45 ACP Ammo by Magtech – 230gr FMJ – 50 Rounds box



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Made by automated production lines using state of the art technology, Magtech's .45 ACP ammunition is a great choice for high volume shooters. This load uses the traditional 230 grain full metal jacket bullet, achieving muzzle velocities of about 837 feet per second. Each box holds 50 rounds in Boxer-primed reloadable brass cases.

The Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos, or CBC, has produced ammunition in Brazil since 1927. The company's international brand, Magtech, operates in US through a large logistics, marketing, and import center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thanks to CBC's strong emphasis on modern manufacturing and quality control, Magtech ammunition has gained strong popularity with American shooters.

Magtech's main production facility is located in Ribeirao Pires, in the state of Sao Paulo. This massive compound includes CBC's corporate headquarters as well as propellant and primer plants and a heavily automated assembly facility that enables machine operators to build ammo without coming into contact with any of the components. This measure, combined with rigorous quality control systems, ensures maximum consistency and safety.



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