7.62×51 NATO | Tula – FMJ Steel Cased – 150 Grains – 20 Rounds



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7.62x51 NATO | Tula - FMJ Steel Cased - 150 Grains - 20 rounds

A serious bargain round for the .308 Winchester firearms out there. How many cartridges can say that? If you understand where this ammunition works well, you will be giddy on the range, saving a ton of money and shooting a ton more then the rest of the guys. This is a steel casing, zinc plated FMJ round for the .308 with a 150 grain bullet made by TULAMMO.

An important note: this is not a match quality round. It’s a shooter quality round with a heavy slant towards heavy semi-automatics with fluted chambers, or with moderate (not ultra tight) tolerances. A perfect round for mil-surp like G3’s and L1A1’s and clones, this cartridge really favors an aggressive extraction/ejection cycle, and will perform nonstop if you keep your chamber moderately clean.

it’s not perfect. It will require you to know what you are shooting to get the most out of it. And please understand, this is not a hard and fast rule: most guns can shoot this ammunition just fine. It just prefers to be shot with the above considerations. Bolt actions will also gobble this stuff up if you aren’t super aggressive with the feeding on high tolerance chambers.

It is Berdan primed, so if you have a hard hitting firing pin: all the better. You’re going to get legendary reliability in semi auto, loose tolerance mil-surp rifles with an aggressive action; heavy springs and a hard hitting firing pin. It’s just what this stuff likes to be shot out of. For everything else: the price generally will make up for the slight annoyances of the very occasional round



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