BLACK ACES TACTICAL 12 GA 00 BUCK 9 PELLET 2 3/4″ 250 Rounds



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New from Balck Aces Tactical and their loders in Italy comes a HIGH END high brass 00 BUCKSHOT load. In the world of shotguns, high-brass refers to the length of the metal base of the shotgun shell but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made of brass. Black Aces Tactical shells use steel heads plated with a corrosion-resistant zinc. They also feature a roll crimped, slightly tapered hull mouth which is a feature ensuring a much more reliable feeding when using the ammunition in manual repeating or autoloading shotguns. Perfect for those training sessions, fun day at the range, or a high speed low drag Competition.....this load from Black Aces will not disappoint.

10 boxes of 25 rounds.

Technical Information: Gauge/Bore: 12: Shell Length: 2-3/4": Shot Size: 00 BUCK 9 Pellet, Shot Type: Nickel Plated Lead.

Ballistics Information: Muzzle Velocity: 1425 ft/sec, Muzzle Energy: n/a ft/lbs.


Black Aces Tactical

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